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Embracing Compassion: One Night, One Goal – Our Charitable Donation

A couple of weeks ago our friend and client Ashley Hatch, from the Washington Spirit and the USWNT invited us to the One Night, One Goal Event at Audi Field.

Ashley asked us if we would like to participate in a silent auction for the DC Scores Organization, and without hesitation, I responded DEFINITELY YES!

What a fantastic night it was, we were so honored to be a part of such a fantastic organization and all their hard work to raise funds for the DC youth community. To learn more about how DC Scores is helping out in their community visit their website HERE.

We donated two $100 Gift Cards, to the event for the silent auction however, that was not the highlight of our night.

While we are so used to seeing Ashley in shorts or in her soccer gear, scoring game-winning goals on the pitch. It was also nice to see her and fellow teammates Andi Sullivan, and Sam Stabb out of their usual attire and all dressed up for the event.

What a performance

I think even Ashley will say this was her highlight of the night when she took the stage to do a poem, with @charityjoyceblackwell it was quite the performance!

To learn more about this amazing event and how much money was raised check out these links below.

Jose & Jen at One Night One Goal.

One Night, One Goal went beyond the act of fundraising. It was about the spirit of giving, about creating a ripple effect of change that would echo throughout the community. We witnessed this impact firsthand, as the funds collected are already making a significant difference in the lives of many.

This event was a testament to how a unified community could make a significant impact. Our Charitable Donation Night reflected how philanthropy could bring about substantial change, one life at a time.

While One Night, One Goal was indeed a milestone, we believe it’s only the beginning. The success of our Charitable Donation Night has painted a picture of the immense potential that lies within our compassionate community. But, this is just a stepping stone toward our greater goal.

We are ready to embark on more such journeys, to foster an environment where giving becomes a culture, not an event. We hope to host more of such events, each more successful than the last, propelling our mission of giving forward.

Gratitude: Our Parting Note

As we look back at our Charitable Donation Night, our hearts brim with gratitude. We owe the success of this event to every individual who embraced our cause, to DC Scores, the Washington Spirit, and Ashley Hatch for their unwavering support, and to everyone whose generosity illuminated the night.

The night may have ended, but the spirit of giving continues to shine brightly. So, until our next event, we leave you with this thought—let’s keep the spirit of giving alive, for it is in giving that we receive.

Our Thanks

A million thanks to all who took part in One Night, One Goal. Together, we made a difference.