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Back Pain

Jose Chacon, LPTA, LMT,
Owner and Founder of Omni Wellness & Performance

A Message From Jose Chacon, LPTA, LMT, Owner and Founder of Omni Wellness & Performance

“Why Am I Going Through This?” or, “Why Do I Still Have Back Pain After Putting up With It for Three to Six Months, or Even Longer?”

The majority of individuals feel that back pain will disappear on its own.

They assume that if they wake up one morning, the back ache would have vanished… Six months later, though, you continue to experience back discomfort that is frequently greater than when it initially began.

Is That You, Or Something You Know?

When patients come into our clinic complaining of pain, one of the common scenarios that unfolds is that the attending physician tells them to “relax,” “try these pills,” and “see how it goes.”

However, this is not always the best piece of advise, and after four weeks, many people find themselves going back to the doctor because their condition hasn’t improved. Worse worse, they are frequently given a new prescription for even harsher drugs and ordered to rest even more than they already have been. This is ludicrous, and it explains why a large percentage of the population in the United States experiences persistent pain in the lower back.

Have You Ever Experienced Something Like This Before?

What other factors might contribute to back discomfort that persists for a longer period of time than it should? Because so many different individuals have told you so many different things, it’s easy to become confused as a result of all the conflicting information. There is no shortage of people who are prepared to offer advise, but unfortunately, very little of it can be trusted.

You might believe that something you did, like lifting heavy objects or sleeping in an uncomfortable position, was the cause of your back pain, but in reality, it was caused by many years of poor posture and poor movement, which caused the muscles in your lower back to become weak, and the lifting or uncomfortable sleeping position was just the EFFECT of that. For example, you might believe that your back pain was caused because you lifted heavy objects or slept in an awkward position.

Back pain can be very confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing, and as a result, many people just accept it as ‘part of life,’ as if it’s normal and ‘just the way it is.’ Back pain can be very confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. Back pain can be very perplexing.

Do You Feel the Same Way?

If you are currently experiencing back pain, here are seven additional reasons why it may be lingering longer than it should:

1. You expected things to resolve itself, but it did not.

2. You went to the doctor, who urged you to relax and take painkillers, but the drugs had little impact on your back, and as soon as their effects wore off, the persistent back pain reappeared.

3. You just accepted it because a relative or acquaintance informed you that back discomfort is inevitable as you age.

4. YYou have tried various Healthcare Professionals or a Physical Therapist in the past, but nothing they suggested appeared to help.

5. You began attempting workouts from YouTube, but they either did not work or made your back discomfort worse.

6.  You likely believed that relaxing would alleviate your back discomfort, but instead it made your muscles feel stiffer and tighter.

7. You chose to get a couple “massages” in the hopes that they would relieve your discomfort, but all they did was make you feel good and relaxed and did nothing to help you in the long run.

If you have experienced any of the above, we invite you to schedule a conversation with our low back specialist to determine how we may be able to assist you. The fact that you have attempted any or all of these things is actually a GOOD THING, because it puts you closer to discovering what does work!

"What Can I Do to Quickly Ease the Pain in My Back?" …

Therefore, the next inquiry is:

Prior to doing anything else, you must make the decision to get help: When faced with back discomfort, many people put off seeking medical attention in the hopes that it would “go away with time,” only to discover six months later that nothing has changed…or that it has gotten worse.

After that, do the APPROPRIATE exercises: One of the best things you can do to help relieve your back pain is to do the appropriate series of progressed exercises; the appropriate exercises given to you by a Physiotherapist will help to reduce pain, allow you to move freely again quickly, and ensure that the problems don’t return any time soon (or aggravate your back even more like some exercises do).

Stay active and avoid long periods of sitting or resting. Have you ever tried to get off the couch after sleeping in and found yourself struggling with back discomfort and tightness? Because sitting or resting for too long is one of the worst things you can do for a sore back. Your back will tighten and stiffen if you sit in awkward postures for too long or if you don’t move about enough when resting. In addition to receiving hands-on treatment, it would be incredibly helpful if you were taught the proper strengthening exercises for better posture.

Physical therapy with a “hands on” approach: People with low back pain can benefit from physical therapy. One of the most frequent injuries treated at Omni Wellness & Performance is this very thing. Physical therapy can help you get back to doing the things you enjoy as quickly as possible if back pain is keeping you from working, being active, being independent, or spending meaningful time with the people who matter to you.

Omni Wellness & Performance offers a free, no-obligation, risk-free consultation to anyone who is interested in learning more about how our physical therapists may help them achieve a pain-free lifestyle:

Note: If you’re worried about trying Physical Therapy or aren’t sure if it will work for you, we encourage you to take advantage of our no-cost Total Body Diagnostic session. If this sounds like you, we recommend starting off by scheduling a no-cost, no-obligation Total Body Diagnostic session so that we can help you figure out what’s wrong and what can be done to fix it.

The question now is:

"How might seeing a physical therapist at Omni Wellness & Performance help you get rid of your back discomfort in the next few days?"

Just a handful of the things our physical therapy team can assist you with are as follows:

Basically, we can help you get your life back on track after years of suffering from debilitating back pain.

If you are interested in learning more about our Omni Wellness & Performance facility in Fairfax, VA, including the prices and appointment times we provide, please click the button below and fill out the brief form that will appear.

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