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Tennis Injuries

Tennis Players: Are You Tired Of Being Sidelined By An Injury?

Are you annoyed that you had to interrupt your games? Are your friends still playing without you? If this describes you, stay reading to learn how Omni Wellness & Performance is the perfect answer for you…

Don’t give up your desired lifestyle because of problems that can be remedied.

You haven’t been able to play like you used to since your injury.

Swinging while practice hurts.

Because of the agony, you’ve had to miss several games.

You’re irritated that your buddies can go on without you…while you sit at home.

It’s past time for you to take action.

Tennis is your favorite sport as an active person. It allows you to break away from your daily life and immerse yourself in the game.

But you haven’t been able to do so since your injury.

Does this describe you?

If so, we’re delighted you’re here and eager to assist.

Omni Wellness & Performance is the BEST option for the tennis injury that has you sidelined.

It is time for US to assist YOU.

We understand how irritating it may be to be reserved, especially when it comes to your tennis playing.

You’re always seeking for methods to improve your swing, be more precise on the court, and progress in whatever way you can.

You enjoy competing with your friends and challenging yourself in games.

You have goals that you are determined to achieve, but your injury has stymied your progress.

Whether the pain is achy, lingering, or severe, it is preventing you from living life YOUR way.

You should not have to.

It’s time for us to assist you in finding a solution to your problem.

With your faith in your abilities dwindling, it’s time to address the injury that’s keeping you off the court.

This is where we can help.

Omni Wellness & Performance can help you get back on your feet without concern or pain.

We work with you to achieve your goals, alleviate your pain, and improve your tennis performance.

Interested in learning more about how we may assist you?

Inquire about our availability and pricing today.

Here's the thing: when it comes to tennis injuries, there are numerous methods for relieving pain. We've seen everything.

Perhaps you've tried…

But none of these solutions appear to be sustainable or long-lasting.

This is because each of these fixes is only a short-term fix.

You’re not dealing with the injury’s primary cause. It keeps bugging you and restricting you because you’re not doing the right things to effectively heal it.

Omni Wellness & Performance treats your injury with specialist care. We identify the underlying source of your discomfort in order to accurately diagnose it and treat you, getting you back on your feet.

Here's the problem

Some patients have previously been informed that injuries sustained while exercising or participating in their chosen sport are simply a byproduct of leading an active lifestyle.

That is not accurate.

While it’s crucial to use safe and proper procedures when exercising, pain is not a byproduct of leading an active lifestyle.

Your body is letting you know through pain that there is a problem, which we will investigate.

The reality is
You should receive specialized, qualified care, and that’s just what we’ll give you.

How does Omni Wellness & Performance differ from the competition, you might be wondering?

We're not like the other people who tell you to...
  1. Play tennis no more.
  2. Change how long you play.
  3. Take a break and wait for your injuries to heal on its own.
  4. Every day, use heat or ice.
  5. Avoid all physical exercise of any kind.

These are not real answers, thus we don’t offer them to you.

Although they momentarily relieve pain, they don’t address the underlying problem.

We identify the underlying reason for your injury and come up with a workable remedy.

We are aware of your strength, self-assurance, and empowerment, and we know you are eager to resume your active lifestyle with no restrictions.

And we commit to fulfilling that commitment for you.

Time is your most valuable resource, and you’ve already wasted enough of it, as we are aware. We want to make the most use of your time possible so you can recover from your injuries and accomplish your objectives.

You can rely on us to look out for your best interests. We pay attention to YOU and YOUR objectives; achieving those objectives is our top concern.

We work to serve as a resource for the Fairfax area’s coaches, athletes, trainers, and active people. We take great satisfaction in maintaining Tulsa’s health and pain-free lifestyle by never standing still, constantly striving to be the best.

And we’ll take care of that for you.

Together, let’s put this injury behind us and get you back on the court with assurance.

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- Kate C.

“Omni Wellness has been an essential component of my son’s development as a soccer player. His overall strength, agility and stamina has been significantly enhanced as a result of Jose’s training. Jose offers extensive knowledge, ongoing support, and tailored workouts. Terrific training for any athlete.”

- Ellen B.

“My athlete daughter has been working with Jose since June, you can see difference in her strength, the progress is incredible! She loves the training environment, and Jose’s ability to change it up and keep challenging her. “

- Sean C.

“Omni Wellness and Performance offered high quality training and was very flexible to my daughter’s hectic schedule. We enjoy working with Jose and will continue to go back to Omni throughout her athletic career.”