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Performance Physical Therapy

Our world-class team of Performance Physical Therapists can help you speed up your rehab, improve quality of life, optimize your movement, and enhance your performance!

The Omni Difference.

We work individually with you — the patient — not the insurance companies. Working directly with you 1-on-1 gives us the best approach to educate you on your current, past or chronic conditions and diagnosis.

Omni Wellness & Performance is a cash-based business physical therapy in Fairfax Virginia, meaning we will provide you the necessary paperwork in order to submit for reimbursement. However, we are not authorized to communicate with your health insurance provider. 

Our sports medicine physical therapy goal is not to relieve momentary aches and pains but rather identify the source of the dysfunction or problem with a full through a 60-minute initial evaluation.  This full hour of 1 on 1 gives us more time to identify the origin of your pain. 

During your peak performance physical therapy evaluation, we will be able to establish realistic goals and outcomes-based on your intake forms, hands-on physical examination, and full-body movement analysis.

What We Specialize In

The world-class physical therapy team at Omni Wellness & Performance is highly skilled in the latest scientific research-based outcomes and manual therapy skills.

Our unique manual hands-on approach includes a functional movement assessment with manual muscle testing so that we can identify what muscle imbalances may be causing any joint instability or pain. We treat everyone as an individual and create an individualized plan to maximize your results.

We specialize in:

How we can help after Physical Therapy?

Everyone has to perform at some level. We help enhance how you perform and prevent future injuries.

We have a proactive approach to health and wellness, while we understand injuries happen you do not have to settle and learn to live with pain.

You don’t need to wait for an injury to happen, in order to maximize your performance!

Our team can customize a mobility program, strength program and give you nutritional support so that you will not breakdown in the process of seeking a healthier lifestyle. We emphasize and focus on restoring movement imbalances, through corrective exercises, and manual therapy to prevent future injuries.

Omni Wellness & Performance specializes in all sports performance training including:

Why you will save $$$ working with us?

Did you know you could use your FSA or HSA to pay for your Physical Therapy treatment visits?

If you have an FSA or HSA account you can be eligible to use your FSA or HSA card to pay for your physical therapy. While we are a cash-based or fee-per-service practice we just wanted to share some good news with you to help you save some $$!

Check out what the FSA website has to say about Physical Therapy eligibility, make sure you check with your account specialist to go over any specific questions regarding your account. 

You don’t have to sacrifice the game you love over problems that can be fixed.

Jose Chacon, LPTA, LMT

Owner and Founder of Omni Wellness & Performance

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Omni Wellness & Performance In Fairfax

Read some of our 5-Star Reviews!

- Lauren B.

“Jose with Stretchmoves has been working with three of our family members over the past two years, my two daughters starting at age 12 and 16 and myself. He has helped us work through so many issues with muscle, joint and other body pain due to sports and general life activities. During the sessions, he clearly explains what he’s found and why he is suggesting certain movements and performing specific stretches. We have felt immediate improvement and significant reduction in pain from just the initial session. My daughters and I have remarked that walking out of a session we feel an inch taller and are pain-free. Jose also leaves us with a plan and exercises to work on outside of his sessions for continued improvement. He has a true skill for finding out how to help each one of us and making us feel so much better! “

- Liz L.

I began working with Jose at Stretch Moves due to back pain, poor posture and limited flexibility. During our sessions Jose works not only on stretching, but also explains with clear knowledge the anatomy and physiology of how the body works, as well as ways to move in a functional and pain free manner (bending, reaching, getting in and out of bed, up and down from sitting, lifting, etc). Each session allows for time to assess current goals, ask questions, stretch and if needed utilize state of the art equipment to assist in movement, pain management and flexibility. Jose also gives suggestions and exercises to work on carry over at home. I highly recommend working with Jose. My pain management, posture, functional movement and flexibility have all improved since I began and I consider Stretch Moves sessions an integral part of my health and wellness program.