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Habit Transformation Plan

We are creatures of habit.

We are creatures of habit.

We like routine and do well by following guidelines and advice.

On the flip side, most of us do not do as well with strict rules. These usually mean restriction and limitation.

When it comes to nutrition, exactly the same thing applies.

Give someone a set of guidelines to follow, they do it; set strict rules and the chances are they will break the rules and just give up.

As the saying goes, rules are made to be broken.

For many people who are starting out on improving their nutrition, counting and tracking daily calories is a difficult task.

You may also not know what a calorie is, nor have any understanding of ‘how much of what’ is in the foods you eat.

This can be a big learning curve, and one that can instantly put you off.

As a nutrition coach, I know calories matter in relation to your goals, so I might have certain food/nutrient requirements in mind for you.

And here’s the thing – someone new to good nutrition does not need this amount of detail to see results.

We, therefore, need a different approach, and this is about providing guidelines and principles to follow, not rules.

Many people have acquired bad nutritional habits, and they practice these every single day, such as:

As you can see it’s not just a case of counting calories or food logging, it’s about breaking and improving habits.

By changing your daily bad habits for improved and healthy habits, the ‘numbers’ usually take care of themselves and impressive results can be achieved from this alone.

You don’t have to sacrifice the game you love over problems that can be fixed.

Jose Chacon, LPTA, LMT

Owner and Founder of Omni Wellness & Performance

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- Lauren B.

“Jose with Stretchmoves has been working with three of our family members over the past two years, my two daughters starting at age 12 and 16 and myself. He has helped us work through so many issues with muscle, joint and other body pain due to sports and general life activities. During the sessions, he clearly explains what he’s found and why he is suggesting certain movements and performing specific stretches. We have felt immediate improvement and significant reduction in pain from just the initial session. My daughters and I have remarked that walking out of a session we feel an inch taller and are pain-free. Jose also leaves us with a plan and exercises to work on outside of his sessions for continued improvement. He has a true skill for finding out how to help each one of us and making us feel so much better! “

- Liz L.

I began working with Jose at Stretch Moves due to back pain, poor posture and limited flexibility. During our sessions Jose works not only on stretching, but also explains with clear knowledge the anatomy and physiology of how the body works, as well as ways to move in a functional and pain free manner (bending, reaching, getting in and out of bed, up and down from sitting, lifting, etc). Each session allows for time to assess current goals, ask questions, stretch and if needed utilize state of the art equipment to assist in movement, pain management and flexibility. Jose also gives suggestions and exercises to work on carry over at home. I highly recommend working with Jose. My pain management, posture, functional movement and flexibility have all improved since I began and I consider Stretch Moves sessions an integral part of my health and wellness program.