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Hispanic Heritage Month

It is that time of year again, when we look back and appreciate how the year has gone by so fast, AGAIN. It also happens to be Hispanic Heritage Month!

Should you keep reading even if you are not for Hispanic descent?


I was fortunate enough to catch the live stream of chef José Andrés, YouTube interview at the Library of Congress on Sunday.

You can watch it here

“A humanitarian relief nonprofit run by D.C.-based celebrity chef José Andrés has served more than 100,000 free meals in the Bahamas.“~ DCist


Regardless of our cultures, ethnicities and heritage, chef José Andrés is a man anyone can learn from.

Did it have a special meaning to me personally…YES of course!

Why…because he happens to be from Spain- NO. (okay maybe a little)

For those that do not know I actually started out my education and working career by graduating from culinary & hospitality school in Sevilla España and Vancouver BC.

To listen to what chef Jose Andres has been able to do with food and simply bring hope to others after natural disasters strike, like hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and Haiti before that, is simply selfless and amazing.

Chef José Andrés handing out food in Puerto Rico

Everyone he brings along knowing that they are just there to help and volunteer their time and energy is true human nature instincts at its best. Without political or capital agenda, just human help out others in need.

If you did miss it, I highly recommend you watch it here on YouTube. Fair warning it was filmed at the Library of Congress so naturally there was some politics involved but it was light and funny at the same time.

There are people and experiences in this world that should challenge you and force you to want to become a better version of yourself. Chef Jose Andres did that for me after I watched his interview.

So I challenge you if you watch this and still don’t think you can change or improve either yourself or the quality of life of someone else, pause, think back to all that you do have and all your networks.

How can you give back?

Yours in health,


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