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Iron Neck Training Touted for Strengthening Neck, Reducing Concussion Risk

A new study shows that female soccer players have the highest concussion rate of any high school athletes.1 Girls have weaker necks, and they’re often using their heads for headers during games. Jose Chacon, owner of Stretch Moves Holistic Wellness, is one of the coaches who understands girl soccer players’ needs for improving neck strength and preventing concussions, and runs all his girls through the Iron Neck program.

Iron Neck is used by 13 NFL teams and more than 300 high school and college teams.2

“The first model of the Iron Neck was released in 2012, and the tool’s concept stems from a three-year study from the Center for Injury Research and Policy, which shows how, for every one pound increase in neck strength, the risk of a concussion declines 5 percent,” according to the Star Tribune.2

Iron Neck training promotes a stronger, more stable neck, decreasing risk of concussions. A more stable neck and strong core protect joints and prevents imbalances while playing on the field. See it in action in the video above.

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Jose Rodrigo Chacon, CFSS, LPTA

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