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September is National Pain Awareness Month

During the month of September, Stretch Moves encourages you to stop living through your pain and seek help. Stretch Moves’ staff is experienced in improving your areas of pain, including the back of which 80 percent experience of adults at least once in their lifetime.1

Stretch Moves approaches pain management in a holistic way that is less invasive than drugs or surgery. Services like Stretch Therapy, Functional Neurology and Sports Massage Myofascial Release are a few options that Stretch Moves offer to anyone experiencing discomfort or pain whether it’s during daily activities or in a sports match. Rock Tape, a product used on clients at Stretch Moves, can be used to improve blood flow, reduce pain and compensation in muscles.

Consider all of your holistic options before resorting to drugs or surgery. Call a Stretch Moves’ staff member today at 202-455-6014 to get a free consultation or sign up for a free movement screening.

“I’ve had five sessions with Jose, which have included stretch therapy, cupping, and physical therapy-like stretches that are also my “homework”. Since I’ve been seeing him weekly, my pain has gone from a chronic 7 to a manageable 3.” – April S.

Learn more about Pain Awareness Month and how massage therapy can help you manage your pain on the American Massage Therapy Association website.