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Vlog: How to improve your shoulder mobility + get better at Pull-ups

Do you want to improve your shoulder mobility..?

If you are tired of foam rolling or stretching out your shoulders with no improvements in your mobility to show for it. 🛑

Yes that’s right just STOP.

Now if you want to actually improve how your shoulders move and how to get them stronger…

so that you can actually get better at doing pull-ups or stronger with your Lat Pulls downs?

Understanding that creating tension at both the top and the bottom part of any movement is ideal for joint stability. Therefore a more stable joint also allows for more MOBILITY!

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Hey, guys, what’s going on? I’m going to show you today one of my favorite ways to improve shoulder mobility, especially at the very end of your pull-up or your lat pulldowns. If you’re doing a machine, basically what you want to be doing and focusing is stretching the bar as you pull down. So I’m going to show you that with a stick here, my Stick Mobility in a band. All you need to do is attach it to a rig or something sturdy.

Make sure that you’re maintaining that stretch the whole time as you pull down behind your back. OK. So make sure you’re stretching this bar as you pull back, pause and hold keep pulling that bar and then slowly come out of it. So you’re trying to rip these handles off the bar or stretch the stick. Hold for 5 and as you can see, I’m shaking a little bit. It is hard because I’m pulling about 40 to 50 percent of my tension laterally with my shoulders, which is a really great shoulder and scalp stabilizer.

OK, so give those who try in order to get further down on your pull-up or get a little bit more range. Like I said, doing your lat pulldown bar. OK. Thanks.